Work Cultures Should Not Consume Us

I have a question, what do you think your life would look like if everything (or even a few!) of the below were reality?

  • Universal health care
  • Universal sick-leave benefits
  • Universal childcare and elder care
  • National parental/care-giver leave policy
  • Thriving wage policy
  • Universal basic income
  • National affordable and quality housing programs
  • Expanded environmental protections, and excellent public transportation options
  • Federally funded higher education

Who would you be? Would your life and career have taken a different trajectory?

What would you have studied in school? Where would you live? What new opportunities and possibilities would you have tapped into?

How much more time would you have to devote to activities and relationships that give you joy?

If we got to prioritize relationships and the time it takes to be with each other and ourselves in meaningful ways over constantly working and navigating capitalism?

Who would we be as a nation if we had a different orientation to time and community? These are questions I am asking leaders as we explore ways to be more liberatory around time in our organizations. We should not have work cultures that consume us.

If we want to transgress white supremacy, we have to get good at belonging and that takes time – belonging to ourselves and welcoming each other into belonging. This requires emotional maturity and responsibility, mutual accountability and support, and knowing ourselves well enough to know when we can step up to belonging and when we need to step back and take care of ourselves.

The lack of time in our lives to do deep community, connection and belonging is not a personal failure… It is a systemic one.

I’m facilitating a live interactive workshop on Thursday, January 26th from 2-4pm ET called Liberating Our Time.

Together we’ll wrestle with these big topics around our time, including the unlived lives stolen from us and how we can be transactional with institutions and liberatory in how we treat ourselves and others.

You can learn more and register below!

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