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Equity Audit

Our Audit has successfully helped clients across sectors identify, uproot and transform organizational and systemic gaps inhibiting their diversity, equity and inclusion work. We ask how does the culture, structure and relationships of the organization comprise and compromise its work? Basically, we assess what’s working and what’s not.

EQUITY AUDIT by The Adaway Group

Goals of the Audit:

  • Identify where your organization  is on the continuum of equity/anti-oppression culture
  • Examine how oppressive structures and patterns are embedded in actions, policies, practices and beliefs of the organization
  • We gather qualitative and quantitative feedback that ensures everyone in your organization has their voice heard
  • Ignite and inform the shifts needed to move from being a transactional to transformational culture, one that centers your people
  • Provide comprehensive, realistic and actionable recommendations to your organization that will guide your short, mid, and long terms efforts