Build an Anti-Oppressive

Workplace Culture

Eradicating harm with action.

Go From Transactional to Transformational

Sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work reshapes organizations on the personal and institutional levels. Implement major organizational changes and create cultures that are truly inclusive with the Adaway Group’s research and 25+ years of experience.

For Organizations

Equity Audit


Every workplace has unspoken truths to be revealed. Our goal is to examine the structure and culture of your organization to identify any areas of oppression.

We outline strategies based on your policies, procedures, and management practices to transform your workplace culture into one geared toward equity and inclusion. Yes, it’s big.
But you’re ready.


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Training and Facilitation


Organizations don’t learn how work to communicate through an anti-oppression lens overnight. It takes practice, discomfort, and support.

Our in-person and virtual trainings are designed to help your staff and board communicate transparently


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Justice cannot wait.

We’ve got to take action to create change, and that’s what our speaking does—it incites action from your team.

Introduce your team to the frameworks, examples, stories, and fresh perspective that this work needs to be done. Now.


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For Leaders & Individuals


Gain insight into leading and managing teams through times of transition. Workshops and coaching, designed for staff, board, and leadership teams, focused on transforming workplace cultures toward equity and inclusion.

Freedom School

You have a voice—let’s strengthen it. A primer to SJI, Freedom School builds the intellectual framework and analysis needed to develop self-awareness, navigate through our current social and political landscape, and achieve liberation.

Diversity is an asset

No matter where you’re located, we can do this work together. Diversity is an Asset is a virtual course—and a community—that empowers transformative action. We start with equity injustice to reach universal liberation.

Social Justice Intensive

Leverage your influence to create social change. Social Justice Intensive offers leaders a brave space to practice challenging power dynamics and oppression in our lives, work, and relationships.

The Tune Up Retreat by The Adaway Group


Tune Up Retreat

The Tune Up Retreat builds a community of practice centered on authentic relationships. Learn, plan, and focus on divesting the things that hold us back so we can return to what really makes changes happen, with renewed commitment.

Praxis of Liberation

To liberate ourselves, we must first learn about what’s holding us down. Praxis of Liberation takes an introspective look into the lies we’ve been told, the truth we need to come to terms with, and the steps we can take now to transform our future.

Praxis of Liberation by Desiree Adaway
Working with Desiree Adaway

Desiree’s teaching and mentorship have radically enhanced our leadership, focus, and vision for our work at Be Nourished. Her wisdom and skillful presence has touched every layer of our business, imbuing each with a renewed depth of focus on equity and inclusion. Desiree leads with the kind of love that is fierce, true, and holds space for growth and depth of change. Working with Desiree will solidify your vision for a new world so you can stay in process with that vision for a lifetime.

~ Hilary Kinavey & Dana Sturtevant, Co-Creators of Body Trust ®

We are Socialized to Accept Oppression as Normal.