Rules have to be changed
Roles have to be changed
Norms have to be changed
Narratives have to be changed

 If we are gonna get free.

Training & Facilitation

Our trainings take teams to their learning edge. We create brave space and explore identities, power, and socialization. We rely on frameworks, experiential learning, and relationship building to help you learn how to be a force for change and operationalize diversity, equity and inclusion work.

Each training is fully customized to be responsive to the needs, dynamics, hopes and concerns of your team.


Change Begins Here:

  • Foundations in DEI workshop — customized for your staff, leadership or board
  • In person and virtual trainings that address your specific topic areas or pain points
  • Meeting and retreat facilitation, through an anti-oppressive lens
  • Co-creation of inclusive communication and decision-making strategies
  • Development and coaching for successful DEI teams and affinity groups