Building equitable workplaces

We Get Free Together


Learn how to lead your teams to understand and embody inclusion in the workplace.


Equity Audit

Discern where you are, where you need to be, and what is standing in your way.



Invite your team to take action with a fresh perspective and actionable frameworks.



Our impact is not just measured by who is thriving, but by who we are leaving behind.

Doing the right thing once, or every now and then, does not work. This work is not a box to check off, it is the foundation of an inclusive and equitable workplace.

We teach the skills needed to transform your workplace and truly center equity.


This work is not easy.
We will do it anyway.
And we will do it together.

The Adaway Group is a black woman-owned firm

Analysis + Action

The Adaway Group is a Black woman-owned firm that provides consulting and training services in the areas of race equity, inclusion, leadership development, strategic planning, and organizational change.

We specialize in helping organizations do the personal and institutional work required to build equitable workplace cultures.


Our approach centers intersectional race equity, which we know from experience and research, to be the most effective and powerful way to create and sustain organizational change.


Liberation is not optional. It is necessary. And it only begins when we start to experience ourselves differently in the world.


We reject the transactional and embrace the transformational. At the center of our lives is balance, relationship, and joy.


We hold each other accountable and with care to do this work in ways that do not replicate systems of supremacy and oppression.


We show up ready to work because our society will not be free until our most vulnerable people can live without fear, discrimination, or retaliation.

Liberation is a Practice.

“Desiree Adaway meets clients where they’re at, and then she makes the impossible possible. Desiree brings compassionate rigor. She tells the truth about what she sees. In our organization, Desiree has provided a roadmap to shift our power structure to a collaborative and transformative model of leadership. Desiree challenged us to think deeply about what real equity looks like, and in the process, we live into our values and amplify our impact.”

~ Dr. Heather Laine Talley,
Co-Director of Organizational Strategy and Practice,
Tzedek Social Justice Fund

The Adaway Group workshops