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The Adaway Group is a black woman-owned consulting firm that brings together multi-racial teams to work on projects related to equity, inclusion, and social justice.

In order to build an inclusive, thriving workplace, organizations need to break down the disadvantages built into social institutions via law, policy, and everyday practice. Our structural frameworks and partnerships with other firms get you there, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, religion, national identity, and ability.

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Desiree Adaway



Desiree is a seasoned nonprofit consultant and facilitator. All of her presentations have a mix of thought-provoking content presented with humor and wit. When she teaches, she makes a point to connect with every person and create a brave space for their growth. Desiree is known by staff, senior leadership, peers, and partners as facilitating open, honest, and productive conversations that transform organizational culture.

She is not afraid of addressing anything that gets in the way of the work. Her style is positive, approachable, engaging, service-oriented, and audience-centered.

Jessica Fish

coo &
Senior Consultant


Jessica is a facilitator, educator and researcher with over a decade of experience helping organizations and communities grapple with diversity, inclusion and racial equity work. As a facilitator she often works with white teams and leaders to help them develop skills to have difficult conversations around racial identity and power. As a researcher she helps organizations develop nuanced analyses around their DEI efforts and tactical plans on how to operationalize them. Connect with Jessica.

Jessica Fish - Adaway Group
desiree adaway

Morgan Whittler

Operations Director


Morgan is the Operations Director for The Adaway Group and is dedicated to supporting spaces for learning and transformation.

Morgan once heard someone say, “if you feel tired doing the work you’re doing, it means the work is meant for a community to be doing together.”

Inspired by the details of how everything works together, Morgan is determined to bring communities closer together based on the particulars, rather than allow them to estrange us from one another.

“I want to help folks get to where they’re going! I want to be the kind face on the hard road, particularly for folks who are part of black queer communities.”

As part of The Adaway Group, Morgan is helping to build a foundation of equity and inclusion that exists in every organization and extends to every community.

Fun Fact: Morgan is a second-generation French horn player!

consulting firm that brings together multi-racial teams

We Believe in Justice

Recognizing and respecting marginalized and subjugated voices, cultures, and groups.

We Believe in Equity

Sharing power, participation, and inclusion to  benefit from the institutions, policies and systems that guide our lives

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We Believe in Education

Oppression has consequences for us all. Let’s examine our lives, institutions, and leaders with the tools and knowledge for effective action.

We Believe in Unity

Together, we can change the world.

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