Storytelling is the most
powerful way of moving
ideas into the world.

Big ideas matter. They feed and sustain us.

They frustrate and scare us. They call us to act.

They call us to question. They call us to fail. 

They call us to step into greatness.

Desiree Adaway is unafraid of the difficult conversations organizations need to be having in order to do better work. In fact, she gravitates toward a challenge and excels at teaching others how to handle complex, charged conversations—particularly around identity and power—with grace, assertiveness, and transparency.

Desiree Adaway workshops

The Adaway Group’s Workshops, Lectures, and Webinars:

  • Get you beyond doing “diversity” to creating and sustaining a culture of equity and inclusivity.
  • Turn potential for crisis into opportunity. Support you as you embark on something new, different, and difficult.
  • Retain talent by helping teams see the connections among their talents, their actions, and their missions.
  • Help your organization identify your greatest skills.
  • Identify and invest in the parts of your organization that are working—focusing on building-up and building-out your areas of excellence.
  • Prepare your people to manage challenging situations.
  • Prepare for the future direction of your organization with the ability to pivot and adapt as environments mandate while remaining focused on your core mission.

When Desiree Adaway keynotes your event, your audience will come away educated and entertained. Even more importantly, they will get pragmatic tools and resources to help them be more effective in their work.

Most requested Topics

  • Having the Difficult Conversations: Race, Gender, Class
  • Intent vs. Impact and Implicit Bias
  • Building an Inclusive Network
  • Creating an Anti-Oppressive Workplace
  • Unpacking White Supremacy Values in Non-Profits
  • Mentoring Across Race
  • Hiring and Retention Through a Racial Equity Lens
  • Strategic Visioning
  • The Beauty of Community Building and Transformative Change
The Adaway Group's Workshops, Lectures, and Webinars:
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