We can do hard things

Racial equity work isn’t easy. It’s challenging. Emotional. It takes time.


And that’s ok, we can work with that. 

What’s not ok is refusing to start or pressing pause because the work feels overwhelming or risky.

What’s the biggest thing holding your organization back from seriously investing in racial equity work? 

My guess is that it’s fear. 

How do we move past fear? We look it in the face, demystify it, and recognize the lies we’ve been told. White supremacy wants you to stay fearful and overwhelmed, it wants leaders to feel like this work is too hard to tackle, it wants organizations to stop with platitudes.

We can do hard things, put the fear aside and push back on white supremacy. We must. 

And to be successful you have to have language, frameworks and analysis so you can truly understand and commit to the work that needs to be done.

I want to invite all of you and your organizations to consider joining Whiteness at Work. In an ideal world I’d be able to personally help you on your racial equity journey, but this is a close second, I promise!

Whiteness at Work

There are five modules, but I want to tell you about the Foundations module because it’s EXACTLY where I would start with your folks if you brought me in to train y’all live.

In Foundations, we cover what you and your team need to know to be on the same page and get to work. We dive into shared language, frameworks, identity and power, socialization, and what exactly white dominant culture is. The content is designed with interactive elements, meaning you can watch as a team and discuss in real-time or watch as individuals and use our debrief guides to help you to integrate the material.

Foundations is 2.5 hours of the most important training your team will ever take. This material goes way beyond checking boxes and is what’s necessary to build inclusive and equitable organizations.

And that’s just one of five modules!

For folks concerned about timing, remember that you have access until March 2022. If your folks aren’t ready to start right now they can dig in later this year. Everything is in our learning portal and available on-demand.

If you’ve got questions there’s a lengthy FAQ here that will most likely answer them for you!

Last thing, for folks who have large teams, if you sign up over 100 people by August 1st I will personally facilitate a 90-minute debrief session with your group

This work is not easy. We will do it anyway, and we will do it together. Join us

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