Wednesday Wisdom- The Audacious Act of Silence

I do love me some Kwanzaa. This week’s wisdom  talks about Kwanzaa, the audacious act of silence and  thinking deeply about our lives and the world. As we look at the last 30 days of 2010 lets  recommit ourselves to our highest ideals, our best values and visions.May we all have the opportunity to use our gifts to contribute to the healing of the world.  Our purpose on earth is to love and demonstrate that love by action. I pleadge to love and learn  more in 2011

Creativity, Liberation and Fountain Pens

Last week I had the pleasure of co-facilitating a workshop with Erin Fairchild about the healing found through intentional reflective and liberatory practices, particularly journaling. It was so nourishing y'all. "Creativity is the key to unlock human liberation." -...

My summer reading list

(Fiction recommendations anyone?) I am headed off to my annual beach trip! I take two weeks off every August to reset and renew prior to the Fall overwhelm which always hits my firm as we wrap up 2021 client work. I savor these two weeks --I stare at the ocean, eat...

The truths that live in my blood

(CW: rape and chattel slavery) A few years back I took one of those DNA tests. I know… I know…. don’t come at me y’all…..this is what I learned. I am the quintessential child of people that were enslaved.  I am 75% West African and 25% European. The slave and enslaver...
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