Wednesday Wisdom- Forgiveness of Self

The first Wednesday Wisdom of 2011 is very personal.  It speaks to a battle I  struggle with – forgiveness of self.  When we forgive ourselves we leave behind  feelings of not being good enough  and we increase our capacity to love. I want more of that yumminess for myself and you in the new year.

So this week I invite you to free your heart and mind via forgiveness. I can not think of a better way to start of 2011.  Know that loving kindness is available to you every day of your life.  The world loves you, Namaste.

Creativity, Liberation and Fountain Pens

Last week I had the pleasure of co-facilitating a workshop with Erin Fairchild about the healing found through intentional reflective and liberatory practices, particularly journaling. It was so nourishing y'all. "Creativity is the key to unlock human liberation." -...

My summer reading list

(Fiction recommendations anyone?) I am headed off to my annual beach trip! I take two weeks off every August to reset and renew prior to the Fall overwhelm which always hits my firm as we wrap up 2021 client work. I savor these two weeks --I stare at the ocean, eat...

The truths that live in my blood

(CW: rape and chattel slavery) A few years back I took one of those DNA tests. I know… I know…. don’t come at me y’all…..this is what I learned. I am the quintessential child of people that were enslaved.  I am 75% West African and 25% European. The slave and enslaver...
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