Wednesday Wisdom- Fearless and Free

As I open my mind and heart to the wisdom of Spirit, I am led along a path of magnificence, joy and unending good. ~Daily Word

This is the last Wednesday Wisdom of 2010. It is chock-full of nuggets that I hope you enjoy.  We tap into unity, creativity and love for one another. In 2011 I wish you joy  and the ability for you to fall down…and get back up. In 2011 be radical, be bold, be brave….be fearless!  Here is wishing you  unedning good in 2011.

Racism hurts white folks too

Hello friends, The majority of my work focuses on how people from dominant groups oppress others and benefit from systems of oppression and inequality. But something that we don't talk about enough is the cost of oppression for people in dominant groups. I want to...

Do y’all want it, or do you want to say you did it?

We are on-boarded into organizations with assumptions and roles, mechanics, and structures of power and oppression already in place.  When we do the work of creating equity, we begin to dismantle these assumptions and mechanics. We unveil things about our...

Freedom School Returns

It's that time y'all, we're about to kick off another year of Freedom School! This year will be the last that we offer it and I hope you'll consider joining us. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my library working on this year's curriculum --as usual, it's going to...
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