The Transformative Power of Service


 In the kind of world we have today, transformation of humanity might well be our only real hope for survival.
Stanislav Grof  

I have Superpowers. I do. Really, I do. I help to change people’s perception of the poor & marginalized -and in doing that help people change their perceptions of themselves.  Some people  share their gifts via  sculpture,dance or visual arts.  My medium of choice is service and social media.    

I have had people ask me  how can I  handle  all the devastation that I see globally. I can and I do because I know one thing to be TRUE…Service is transformational.   

Compassion and tolerance  are  just as important to folks as the new iphone or a new boat. The images we see on TV and the Internet of devastation and hunger, of pain and despair open up our hearts and call us to action.  The more we learn about how our food  or products are produced  the better choices we make. With every drop of oil gushing from the Gulf.. the less plastic we want in our homes and lives.. the less we want to drive, the less we want to have…. the more we want to  be, the more we want to do.   

The more we say NO to injustice than the more we say YES to love.  I think this cool guy in this funky group once said Love is all you need. And he was so right. We say YES  once we know people. Once we  connect with the humanity in all of us the easier it is to love-Once we look in their eyes and see ourselves. We have to SEE to love.   

Seeing is hard. Its painful and sometimes its riddled with guilt and shame. You feel bad for what you have, the stuff you own and shame because you do not give more. I am here to tell you  to let it go.   



Agape is my favorite type of love . One definition is that Agape is the  highest and purest form of love, one that surpasses all other types of affection. Its a divine active love. Its a thoughtful love. Its the type of love that you feel after having engaged your heart, head and hands in building community with others.   

Let me share a secret…when you direct  divine  active love out into the world, the world will direct divine active love  back to you.  When  you bless another, you bring that blessing into your world. When you give goodness to another, you  encourage goodness to show up in your life and on the earth.   

So when you see pictures of conflicts and disasters around the world and feel overwhelmed about all of the pain and suffering  know one thing—If you do not like what you see happening in the world, you can change it.  It may not happen overnight. It may not happen in 3 years — 33 years or 333 years, but know it WILL happen. The question is not IF — the real question is HOW . Never  underestimate the power of YOU. The power of your experience and the role it plays in the healing of the world.  Ghandi  once said that his life was his message. He was a living example and his actions  transformed the world.  

Personal transformation is the secret and you will show your  faith, your beliefs and what you love by what you do  

As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.
Marianne Williamson  


Take care of yourself and each other



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