Sense of Urgency Keeps Us Disconnected

Sense of urgency keeps us disconnected

One of the tools of white supremacy is busy-ness. This sense of urgency makes it so we do not connect on a deeper level. It allows no time for discernment, reflection or real repair.

We’re busy all the time

We’re busy holding pointless meetings.

Busy planning for next quarter.

Busy overthinking things and not trusting our decisions.

White supremacy loves that

White supremacy knows that when we’re exhausted we remain obedient. And when we’re overworked, we tend to stay quiet. It rewards us for our silence, for not pushing back, for not questioning.

Busy-ness doesn’t serve us

Over the last several weeks, we’ve received an incredible number of requests to work with our team. We love what we do too much to take on too much work.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to several of our colleagues. You can learn about them below.  

If you are looking to do equity and inclusion work in your organization in the near future, then consider reaching out to one of these folks and get started doing this work right away.

Let’s get free, y’all.

Marisol Jiménez

Marisol Jiménez is the founder and lead consultant for Tepeyac Consulting, a national consulting practice committed to catalyzing strategic equity efforts that shift power and advance the cause of liberation.

Tepeyac works with groups to develop and deepen their organizations’ and communities’ abilities to share language and frameworks while building their racial equity analysis; develop and apply a trauma lens; make commitments to liberatory accountability and relational equity; and map a collective vision of the path forward.

Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee provides climate and culture assessments, leadership coaching, group training and consulting to large and small companies, nonprofits and schools.

She is the founder of Inclusive Life, a brand that encourages individuals to infuse inclusion in every aspect of their lives.

Kerrien Suarez

With over 20 years of management and consulting experience, Kerrien has supported executive and leadership teams in bold decision making to solve strategic and operational challenges, and build a Race Equity Culture.

As an independent consultant, she manages equity, strategic and implementation planning projects for non-profits, foundations and social enterprises.

Tamiko Ambrose

Ambrose Consulting supports grassroots groups, foundations, and community-based organizations to deepen the impact of their work toward a just and equitable world.

We believe transformation is possible when the most impacted communities are centered in the work toward change. We provide training, tools, and frameworks to deepen your learning about structural racism and oppression and will help you develop strategies that reflect your values for equity and social justice.

Alicia Robinson

Alicia Robinson operates EdPlus Consulting to disrupt the systems that get in the way of ensuring equity, liberation, and justice, especially for Black and other communities of color.

EdPlus partners with clients with an active and ongoing commitment to examining and disrupting traditional ways of working to support various stages of their equity journeys through leadership coaching and development, strategy throughout the talent life-cycle, and session facilitation and design.

Kimberlee Archie

Kimberlee’s purpose is to disrupt the status quo and maximize the capacity of clients to serve the larger community equitably.

Leading and operating an organization equitably takes practice. As your practice partner, I support leaders in implementing a racial equity framework and conducting racial equity analyses through coaching, mentorship, and consultation.

Heather Krause

Heather is a data scientist with over a decade of experience building tools that improve practices and systems. She teaches organizations how to stop (accidentally?) using data like a racist.

Practical, strategic tools to embed equity and ethics into your data projects and pipelines. Workshops and consulting for anyone who makes decisions based on data and everyone who works with data analysis.

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