I Was A Bad Ass









I have had one more trip around the sun.

I have to tell you it has been AMAZEBALLS!  My 46th birthday was momentous. Not because it was a milestone but because I was always worried that I would die before my 45th. Its a long story and you can learn more about that here

Now its time to celebrate my 47th. Last year I made a solemn oath to LIVE. I think I have done that!


I took risk.

I sang out loud….badly!   I released guilt and shame for somethings.  I transitioned into a new me. I embraced an updated view of my work and what I want to deliver to the world. I cried. I loved. I laughed. I mourned. I failed and I was triumphant. I followed my heart and intuition. I went on a few dates. I was proud of myself. I disappointed others. I disappointed myself.

I was present.  I tried to be a good friend, lover, mother, coach and sister.

I made a difference.

I was happy and grateful. I danced. I hiked. I made my time count.  I shared my gifts. I got things done. I was healed . I was a healer. I hurt others. I was harsh with myself. I was gentle with others. I meditated. I did yoga.

I never stopped believing.

I expressed myself. I opened myself to ridicule. I asked for help. I was vulnerable. I was strong. I was honest with myself. I was victorious. I searched my soul. I was naughty. I praised others. I inspired. I took responsibility for my actions and decisions. I walked with others. I walked alone. I left things in the past. I let baggage and pain go. I designed a life that works for me. I was free.

I was a bad ass.

 So just like last year I want to give back, because my life is so rich and  I have so much. It is time to share birthday love!

My birthday wish: I want to say thank you to all of my blog readers, friends, family, clients, revolutionaries, creatives and rebels who connect with me and teach me something new everyday. You honor me with your grace, compassion and mercy and gift me with your joy. You guys are my community.

I promised to knit sweaters for EVERYONE, but that did not happen. Since we can not all have cake I want to give you  A GIFT.

For the next 47 Hours the first 47 people/organizations that sign up  can get a strategy/ coaching session with me for $47.00.  ( Regular 60 minute session with me is $250.00)


I know…. This is my gift to a community that makes my life so rich. You guys are walking a righteous path and it is my honor to walk it with you.I know so many of you work for small non profits/ organizations or businesses with even smaller budgets. You barely have money for needed supplies let alone professional development, but you deserve it.

Whatever you need from our time together- coaching ,mentoring, butt kicking,- I’ll get you on track. Let’s explore together what’s possible.  It’s my  gift to you. The gift of  encouragement, support, candor and renewal.


Want some birthday love?  Register here.


Deets are below:

This  only applies to appointments  scheduled before 12noon EST January 14th 2013. They must that take place before February 25th on the phone or via SKYPE, and it will be first–come, first-served for scheduling.  This offer is limited to two phone appointments per person.  Due to logistics, I’m not able to do in-person coaching with this offer. This offer expires January 14, 2013. If you cancel, you may not be able to reschedule. After payment is received you will receive access to my online scheduler so you can grab your time!

 I would love if you would share with me how you plan to LIVE in 2013.

What you will celebrate and embrace, what you will let go and forgive. Our time is limited. Never be afraid to share yourself with the world and truly live.

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