Got Students?



The natural idealism of youth is an idealism, alas, for which we do not always provide as many outlets as we should.
Sargent Shriver

Young people play a vital role in tackling the many global and local challenges of the day.  But you guys are smart and already knew that. You know the impact that young people make everyday. SO I ask you– Why are you not investing in them in a meaningful way?

Nonprofit organization with clubs or student groups on college campuses across the country are strategically aligned  to raise money and raise awareness and to mobilize quickly behind an issue  if needed-  in a powerful way. Whether you engage students  to build an education center in your neighborhood, or an orphanage in Kenya  they are a motivated, dedicated inspirational group that should be helping you guide your organization into the future

In Jim Collins speak- they should be on your bus!

Starting  a campus student group is a great way to have students play an  active part of your work or ministry, but it is also a great responsibility.  The group, once chartered or confirmed , will be representing your entire organization.  Because of this, there are certain requirements that you will probably want all chapters to meet including fiduciary ones. These students will have the opportunity to affect their campus, their community, other communities around the U.S., and even communities in other countries!  They will tell your stories and become your advocates and ambassadors.

The Benefits

 Fund Raising make your  actual programs  possible.  Student groups can  hold their own fund-raisers, as well as participate in fund-raisers organized by your organization.  Fund raising not only raises needed resources, it also creates awareness, increases publicity, provides volunteer opportunities for the students and helps recruit new members.

Advocating includes all efforts to raise public awareness, to increase support for your organization efforts to address these issues .  There are two categories of advocacy:  educational and political.  Educational advocacy includes all activities that are undertaken to raise awareness about your core issue.  Political advocacy involves communicating with public officials or the general public in an effort to effect legislation and public policy.  Some of the ways that students  participate in advocacy is by running letter-writing campaigns and  holding statistic campaigns on campus.

 Educating is a crucial part of what students can do for your organization.  Students can be counted on to  help educate their group, school and local communities about your mission and work.  A successful  student group  has members who are educated  and who are able to educate others.

Forming and running an on campus club  is a group effort.  The student’s will have to show their  school’s administration that a significant number of students committed to participating in the group. This is also a great way for you to strengthen or begin a relationship with the school administration. 

A lot of organizations require that all student groups have an adviser. The adviser should be employed by your school and probably should not be a graduate student.  This is for reasons of consistency and connection to the college or university system.  It would be beneficial to your student group  to have a full time, long-term member of the faculty or staff as your adviser. Getting others involved in the initial stages will help students  reach out to more people, get different perspectives and assist in leadership  once your group is in place. The most successful and sustainable  clubs are student run, student initiated and student led.

 It is important that student groups know the expectations and requirement of being an official partner.  Make sure your student group is as informed as possible by reviewing any requirements and application process with them.

You should invest the time and energy in  building  a collaborative relationship with your student group. The collaborative relationship is a goalworth working  towards.  It is not expected that you will be at this stage at the beginning of your relationship but with hard work you will get there. The pay off will be incredible. Some organizations raise millions of dollars  and mobilize tens of thousands of students every year while tapping into the excitement and energy of today’s leaders  and tomorrow’s, board members, major donors and future CEOs and politicians

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