Expand Your Impact And Influence Through Partnerships


 Friendship is essentially a partnership.


There are many learnings and much richness  to gain- beyond money- by partnering with great people. 

 Strategic partnerships multiply your efforts and expand your profits & platform. Partnership done right will also increase your impact and influence. In my 20 plus years in this sector I have supported and brokered many profitable partnerships. These partnerships both corporate and private  brought in millions of dollars and increased awareness for the organizations I served. Much good was done.

 Partnering is one the greatest things  you can do for your organization–ever.

 But only if done right. I have seen partnerships go south quickly when neither partner is clear on their objectives, goals or criteria for success. I have also seen really smart partnerships increase both brand and marketshare for both parties.

What do you do when a sister organization or a corporation asks you to join them in some form of partnership – to promote a product, to team up for an event, or to create a new product together.

You want to say yes. But should you?

Here are some questions you should be asking:

  • How do you set the partnership  up so it’s fair?
  • Are there easy legal agreements so you don’t have to hire an attorney before you can move quickly on an idea?
  • What if there’s a disagreement?
  • How do you enter into this–or leave it–feeling clear, clean, and safe?

So many questions and not a lot people  around that have actual experience in creating sustainable succesful partnerships .

You may need a playbook to help guide you through this critical process.

Well  I have teamed up with Pamela Slim  a seasoned coach and writer who helps frustrated employees in corporate jobs break out and start their own business to create just that. Her blog, Escape from Cubicle Nation, is one of the top career and marketing blogs on the web. Together we will answer all your questions in a four-part teleclass that includes time-tested conversations, structures, and templates for you to make it a clean, profitable match—every time.

You are a:

  • Small business owners
  • Non-profit staff and management
  • Independent service professionals like coaches, consultants, writers and graphic artists
  • Small businesses interested in partnering with other small businesses
  • Independent Software Developers
  • Social Entrepreneurs

Dates and Times

Wednesdays, 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. Classes are 60 minutes long.

April 6, 13, 20, 27

A sampling of what each class will entail:

Week One, April 6: How do you choose a great partner?

You will learn how to create criteria for making the very tough decision about whom to entrust with your business name and reputation. How to talk about what you both need to do to make the relationship mutually beneficial and  spot red flags quickly and exit gracefully –and without legal mess

Week Two, April 13: How do you protect the great things you create together?

We will share with you templates  for simple, but critical legal agreements for intellectual property and business structure and protecting yourself and your partner against legal liability in any form.

Special Guest: Kyle Durand, post-doctorate tax attorney, and founder of ourdeal.com

Week Three, April 20: How do you set up simple systems to track money, customers and program development?

Not  sure what you need to track or what simple tools  you can use so both partners have access and visibility at all times?  We will  provide you with resources to help you develop content efficiently and effectively and systems that work.

Special Guest: Charlie Gilkey, productivity expert from Productive Flourishing and Pam’s partner in Lift Off

Week Four, April 27: How do you blast open opportunities for new partnerships?

Have you always wondered how to make your organization more attractive to new partners? We will show you  how your personal brand and integrity is the best tool in your toolbelt for finding the right partner for the long term.

What if you can’t attend the live class?

No problem. All classes are recorded, so you can catch up at your convenience.

Between us, we have created six-figure programs, and impacted hundreds of thousands of people around the world by cultivating great partnerships

We will teach you everything we know on how to successfully find and establish highly effective partnerships. If you only implement a few of the ideas shared in this course, you will get many times your investment of $77.

If you are ready to create profitable alliances with the right people, organizations and corporations so that you can change the world, then join us!  Head on over to our registration page so we can  get started https://ow.ly/4jbcv

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