Creating Community


We need each other. When we understand this & act from this place we will create communities where everyone is valued.



I am not a person that blogs about every detail of my life.  That is not who I am. While I consider myself open I am not one that shares the gory details.  No pics of my kids or family…no deep post about my personal relationships or lack there of.

This is not that kind of blog… and honestly I am not that girl.

Yesterday a young kid made some bad choices.

He got drunk and high with friends…and then he got behind a wheel of a car.  He then proceeded to speed around a blind curve, lose control of his vehicle and cross into the other lane of traffic.

He hit my car head on at full speed. I am OK.  I am sore but not a scratch.  He was lucky as well… he walked away.

This post is not about the accident.


It’s a testament to a community of strangers who took care of me.  Not one person in that group had my skin tone nor my hair texture, but they cared for me as if I were one of them.  They brought me water and chairs. They laid loving touches upon my body. They prayed over me. One by one they came to me to tell me how sorry they were. They came to tell me how happy they were that I  was OK.  All total strangers.

They were angels and they ministered to me in a way that was holy and sacred. I will be forever grateful.


This is why I do the work I do. This is why community is so important to our future.  Building community and loving one another is what will save us. It makes us stronger.


The police took this young man in to custody. I have  a kid close to his age and as a parent you pray that your kid makes good choices.  You know that sometimes they do not. Choices have consequences.

I am spending today talking to insurance agents, resting and reflecting on what happened. I am not focusing on what I lost… I am focusing on all that I have.

I am loved by so many people. My chest aches from my seat belt but my heart is overflowing with gratitude.


So I want to share that love with the  young man who hit me. Today I will pray for him.  I will send him as much Metta as I can. Loving Kindness. I ask today that each of you send him loving kindness.


May all beings be well and safe, may they be at ease.

Whatever living beings there may be, whether moving or standing still, without exception, whether large, great, middling, or small, whether tiny or substantial,

Whether seen or unseen, whether living near or far,

Born or unborn; may all beings be happy.

Let none deceive or despise another anywhere. Let none wish harm to another, in anger or in hate.”

Just as a mother would guard her child, her only child, with her own life, even so let me cultivate a boundless mind for all beings in the world.

Let me cultivate a boundless love for all beings in the world, above, below, and across, unhindered, without ill will or enmity.

Standing, walking, seated, or lying down, free from torpor, let me as far as possible fix my attention on this recollection. This, they say, is the divine life right here.



Help me send him strength and love so that he can find  a new way.  I want him to be happy and whole. Why you ask?  Because he is a part of my community and I love him. We all fall short and we all deserve compassion.  He is worthy to be loved.









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